About Michelle

I’m a 40-something, married mother of two. As many women do, after my kids were born, I had more than a few extra pounds to lose.  I had asthma as a kid and absolutely hated running, so how I found a passion for running has been both a miracle and a blessing.

I have always been fairly out-doorsy.  I grew up playing softball, camping, roller skating, riding my bike, going to the beach, trying to surf, etc.  In spite of my dislike of running, I was and am otherwise athletic and competitive.  So once I got off the treadmill and headed onto the pavement, I started to like running.  As I learned more, I started to figure out pacing, set goals, gained confidence, fitness, my times gradually improved, and my love of running was born.  I continue to challenge myself to run harder, farther, stronger, faster, or smarter than before.

I am also proud of the example I have set for my two daughters, we love to run as a family, and they seem to be forming healthy habits and building self esteem; something I hope will last them a lifetime.

Eight years later, my passion for running is still alive. I am still running strong and have become certified as a coach by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). I am a member of the Oiselle Volee running team.

These days, if the event is small enough, and the awards run deep enough, I’ve been known to bring home AG hardware, although I think my ten year old has a slight advantage in the AG medal count.

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