A Shameless Endorsement From My Daughter

The other night as I was typing my goals and uploading them to my blog, my 11 year-old daughter asked me what I was doing. I told her and she said that she would like to write something for the blog. I was a little nervous that she might write about unicorns, or old TV shows, or who-knows-what. And, then I figured she would forget. The next day, she went up north to spend the week with her grandparents. Last night, she sent me a text with a link to her Google docs account and told me this was what she wanted to write. It is so sweet and thoughtful that I had to post it.


Hi runners! My mom is Michelle Landrith. She is the most wonderful woman I know. She enjoys the same things I enjoy. I can always count on her to put me to bed at night. She loves my family and me. She is really funny, at just the right moments, and she loves to run. I run too, which makes her that much better. I can’t even start to explain what an amazing coach she would be for you.

Oh yeah, you don’t know who I am. My name is Lauren, but my family and friends call me Lolo. Not after Lolo Jones, but just because it fits me. Anyways, most people hate running. By most people, I mean everybody, including runners sometimes. During a run I have so many friends that I usually run with, that by the time it’s over, I’m really happy. I am quite the talker when I run! (And when I am with my friends and family.) If you could believe it I am actually quite shy until I get to know you. I used to be so shy I would ask my parents to order for me at restaurants. Enough about me!

My mom is just AMAZING. She loves old cars and 80’s music just like me so you can count on her to be counting Volkswagen Buses and old Bugs as you run! 🙂 OBVIOUSLY, my mom would be the coolest, the all in all best, the most awesome, amazing, fantastic, wonderful running coach you can get in this world.

Your friend,
Lauren (Lolo)

**Lolo received no compensation for her endorsement. Aside from correcting a few run-on sentences and grammatical errors, these thoughts are her own. Also, I don’t coach Lolo, but I do run with way behind her.**

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